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For those who believe in leaving a legacy, for those who want to make sure their people are safe, and for those who want to leave behind a daring story of success and leadership, we design, build, and deliver dreams. Dreams that have no limits. Dreams that connect us together. Dreams that leave the world a better place than what we found. Because we care.

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As an infratech company, we offer products & services that are revolutionizing the way the world builds, operates, and maintains its infrastructure.
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We bring inspired people, robust infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology together and build unique and creative synergies to solve the most daunting challenges facing the civil infrastructure industry across various markets today.
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Drones in Construction Management

Drones are one of the hottest technology bringing a change to the construction industry operations. Construction fields are opening up to more and more drone surveillance. Drone can be the ear and eyes to a construction site...

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Dynamic Testing 3.0 for Piles

Advancements in pile driving science and technology have historically progressed unceasingly as indicated by the published documentation. This paper deals with the progress of Dynamic Testing and various methods of analyses...

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Donald Robertson Wins the 2019 GMEC Award

Donald Robertson has been selected as the winner for the 2019 GMEC Award. The award is given for his outstanding contribution in advancing the technical and professional practices of geotechnical engineering in Florida...

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National Engineers Week Honors & Awards Banquet, 2019

The Engineers’ Council recognizes our commitment to building resilient and sustainable infrastructure. RADISE and Smart Structures were awarded with the prestigious “Distinguished Engineering Project Achievement Award”...

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