DFI 43rd Annual Conference

Witness the poster unveiling on DFI 43rd Annual Conference on Deep Foundations at Hilton Anaheim, CA. Our authors Kumar, Dr. Goly, Dr. Putcha and Vamsi will acquaint you with the FDOT approved method of measuring skin and tip resistance of pile independently while driving. Please save the date and RSVP to our social media page Oct 25, 2018, 7:30 am onwards.

STGEC South East Geotech Conference
STGEC South East Geotech Conference

The KYTC (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet), hosted the 49th STGEC Annual Conference at Crowne Plaza, Louisville, KY from Oct 8 – Oct 11, 2018. Dr. Goly and Dr. Putcha spoke on Advanced Dynamic Load Testing Method for driven concrete piles. The 2 hrs./captivating presentation by the duo was a transfixing journey on test methods for pile driving through the history and how the FDOT method has evolved over time bringing in the use of embedded sensors.

ASCE-FL Section Annual Conference, 2018

Hear Kumar Allady, CEO and Dr. Aneesh Goly, Director of Engineering & Operations presented their ideas on ‘Innovative Infrastructure’ over Friday morning breakfast on July 13 at Royal 2AB/3AB rooms in the Palm Court Ballroom of The Vinoy® Renaissance, St. Petersburg.

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