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Geo-Structural Monitoring

Throughout its lifecycle geo-structures are subject to both natural and human related hazards. This leads to gradual degrading of performance and eventually the death of the infrastructure asset, if not checked. It is, therefore, extremely important to build resilience in structure.

The traditional methods of investigation and safety evaluation are now proving insufficient, and the demand for improved information and better understanding continues to increase. RADISE provides geo-structural monitoring of structures through its embedded sensors technology and services.

Our IoT-based sensor technology, capable of an extraordinary level of detail and accuracy, can be implemented at various stages of asset development viz. design, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance, repair, renovations across various infrastructure markets.

This reduces the uncertainties associated with material properties and structural capacity and increases response time and rapidity of preventive action.

Now in its sixth generation, Smart Structures sensors, software and supporting hardware are supported by 8 patents in 32 countries and are recognized by leading US Federal and State organizations.

We are on our way to becoming the “de facto standard” in testing, sensing and monitoring for the infrastructure industry globally.

For more, please visit www.smart-structures.com.


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