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IT - RAD Manager

  Application Modules

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive system that could facilitate, manage and track employee information, scheduling and project lifecycle, as well as business development, RADISE developed RAD Manager.

RAD Manager is a web-based application that helps a business keep track of clients, contacts, relationships, opportunities, contracts, projects and more. It is also a great tool for sharing data within your company.

RAD Manager enhances the day-to-day operations of a business through useful applications and customizable workflows. Many of the challenges due to continuous changes in business processes have been eased with the application architected in such a way that business workflow changes can be easily configured into each of the subsystems. Workflows can be customized to address your specific business needs and issues.

RAD Manager’s customizable modules and features include:

     ü  Administration (including security roles and rights)
ü  Asset Management and Maintenance
ü  Clients and Contacts (including contact communications)
ü  Company Info (including branch offices, certifications, etc.)
ü  Contracts
ü  Corporations
ü  Email Subsystem
ü  Employees
ü  Human Resources
ü  Leads, Opportunities
ü  Notes, Files, Check Lists, etc. can be associated to most of the entities
ü  Projects
ü  Scheduling (follow-ups, meetings)
ü  Training

It can also integrate with accounting systems such as Ajera and Deltek to create projects, clients, rate sheets, etc.

RAD Manager is a user friendly tool that consolidates company resources and data, enabling businesses to enhance their capabilities and better serve their clients.

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